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Alpha Gameplay Footage!

2014-08-02 14:21:49 by BlackHowlerStudios


Hey Everyone,

Today we have a very exciting update! Actual gameplay footage from our Alpha Build, hurray!

We have put a ton of hard work into No Man's Land so far and are ecstatic to show you what we have so far.


In this video we show off a single battle between a player and the AI.

The Match lasts for about 6 minutes and shows the basic gameplay, which consists of spawning units to destroy enemy forces and building defenses to protect your own base.

We currently have in 6 units, 3 defenses, and 1 research option.

The units include, the Grunt, Riot Shield Grunt, Steam Tank, Double Barrel Steam Tank, Zeppelin, and Hydra Mech.

The defenses include, Barbed Wire, Tank Mines, and Steam Towers.

The Research Tree we have available is called Education, and increase build speed of all units and defenses.


Also in case you missed it, here is our Teaser Trailer for No Man's Land. The video gives an overview of the story and the demonstrates the atmosphere we are going for. We really want to make an intense and different type of Tower Defense / Strategy game, truly pushing the WW1 and steampunk feel.

Anyway, onto some art!


Above is another illustration of the Sturmtruppen, or Stormtrooper, the unique infantry unit for Germany. These warriors wield powerful gattling guns that will tear up enemy infantry and air units with ease.


Here we have an illustration of a pair of Brewsters, the Belgian unique infantry. These units will be sturdy and have a long range. Their Iron chest plates give them a large amount of health, but slow them down a bit.

That's it for this update!

If you liked what you saw / read, we would really appreciate it if you followed us on all that
social media jazz!

We are a 5 man team (1 Programmer, 3 Artists, 1 Musician) working on a
$0 budget, so we are proud of what we have accomplished so far!

We really think the game is fun and we love working on it. We are excited to have people play it!

Also, feel free to ask us questions, we love talking with the community.

Have an awesome day!

Full Steam Ahead!

2014-07-16 01:41:26 by BlackHowlerStudios


Hey Everyone,

We are Black Howler Studios, a passionate Indie Game Studio from Seattle Washington!

We are a group of talented programmers, designers, artists, and musicians striving to make the highest quality games we can. We value addictive fun, artistic quality, and replayability in our work.


Our first title is No Man's Land, a WW1 Steampunk Tower Defense Strategy game.

Check it out on IndieDB!


No Man's Land is a very simple and easy to play game. The objective is to destroy the enemy base, while defending your own.

Players have thre ability to spawn units, build defenses, and research upgrades.


There are four types of units: Infantry, Armor, Air, and Mechs. 

Each unit type has their advantages and disadvantages.

Infantry are cheap and fast, but get mowed down by tanks quite easily. Armor units, such as tanks, are expensive and powerful - but are vulnerable to air attacks. Air units dominate the skies but can be pretty flimsy. And Mechs, well they are just good against everything.


Defenses also offer players a more Tower Defense feel, allowing them to build towers, pill boxes, barricades, mines. and even barbed wire fences to slow down and damage enemies.


Research trees add another layer of depth to the gameplay, giving players the option to spend their resources on improving the quality of their forces rather then attempting to rush the enemy down.

All in all, No Man's Land offers a large variety of goodies to play with and form unique strategies to conquer the AI and other players.

We hope to get a playable version out very soon!

Until then, check us out on Facebook, IndieDB, or email us at for more information.

Thank you!